ASE2GL v1.2

Programmer : Philippe Kunzle

Before using, read : License agreement

DOWNLOAD : (source file) (executable) (display list only, executable)

NOTE : Bug fixed on (Sep 29 2001)
NOTE: Source made available (June 4th 2005)


This program translate a ASE file that contains a 3D object and creates the OpenGL code (in C++) for you. It creates the Normals (smooth or faced), the texture coordinate, and of course, the vertices.
You will be able to choose if you want to create the code for a display list, vertex array or indexed vertex array.

How to use:

Run the program . Enter the name of the ASE file that you want to translate into openGL. Then select if you want it to be translated as display list, vertex array, or indexed vertex array. Once the CPP file is created , copy and paste the content of the CPP file in your program.
NOTE: the CPP file has the same name as your original ASE file. Your ASE file will NOT be modified in any way.

IMPORTANT: Make sure that you only have ONE 3D Object per file.

Known bugs:

Known Issues:

Future development:

remove the bugs... duh!!!! :)

Don't hesitate to Email me if you have any problem, suggestions or if you find more bugs.


Copyright (c) 2005 Philippe Kunzle.
Permission is granted to copy or distribute this program in any medium, provided this notice is preserved. This program shouldn't be used for commercial purpose unless a prior permission is granted by the author.