AI Driven Vehicle

Programmer : Philippe Kunzle

Before using, read : License agreement




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This program is what I presented for my senior project. It shows how an Neural Network can control a Vehicle in a virtual world. To run the program open the executable: DEMO.exe

Please NOTE: in the option "AI Follows", the AI Craft may stop. This is because the AI Craft sees the Human driven craft and faces it.

How to use:

Arrows: Control the Human driven craft
Q: Human Camera
W: AI Camera
H: unplug AI (as long as you press)

Recommended System:

Microsoft Windows 95 or better.
Pentium III 800MHz with a 3D accelerated graphic card.
The program will work on a Pentium II without an accelerated but you should reduce the size of the window.


Copyright (c) 2002 Philippe Kunzle.
Permission is granted to copy or distribute this program in any medium, provided this notice is preserved. This program shouldn't be used for commercial purpose unless a prior permission is granted by the author.

Updated on October 25th 2004