GL3D Engine

(Under construction)

Programmer : Philippe Kunzle

Before using, read : License agreement

DOWNLOAD : Not at the time

Info & Updates

I currently improving the gl3d engine. I should have the GL3D Editor up by the end of this semester (winter 2004) but I am not sure when it will be ready for download



This program is a simple 3D engine that allows its user to easily create a scene and display it.

How to use:

Download the documentation (Word format)

Known bugs:

Known Issues:

Future development:

Add Cg programs, DDS files, collision detection

Don't hesitate to Email me if you have any problem, suggestions or if you find more bugs.


Copyright (c) 2002 Philippe Kunzle.
Permission is granted to copy or distribute this program in any medium, provided this notice is preserved. This program shouldn't be used for commercial purpose unless a prior permission is granted by the author.

Updated on January 25th 2004